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Artificial Turf is nothing new to society—according to a 2008 article published by the NIH, “Synthetic Turf: Health Debate Takes Root,” it was originally developed with the intention of promoting physical activity in locations where open areas were lacking. First hitting the market in 1964, the product has had almost sixty years to improve. In that time, the product has long since sparked debate, many regarding athletics and recreation. ….

Want to replace your real grass with fake grass but don’t know what to expect? The period before your artificial turf installation can be tough if you don’t know what you’re jumping into. The professionals at Everything Turf Pros make it easy for you to kick back, relax, and let your new artificial turf shine. ….

Do you own small outdoor pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, backyard cats, or even reptilian and amphibian buddies and want to factor their safety, comfort, and recreation into your outdoor landscaping plans? Everything Turf Pros has you covered! Artificial grass is pet-friendly. Don’t believe it, or have questions? Read on to learn more. ….

Rocks have become increasingly used in low-maintenance and drought-resistant landscaping projects. This type of landscaping, also called hardscaping, is used by those looking to use less water in their lawn care schedule. For good reason, too. There are several types of stones that are perfect for people wanting to get creative with their outside space. ….

Landscaping a project in the hot, dry, Southwestern climate can be tricky. Here in Las Vegas, where Everything Turf Pros is located, artificial turf is highly advocated for as an alternative to real grass turf lawns, which require a large amount of water to keep it green, and comfortable to relax or play on….

Drought is widespread in the southwestern United States. A drought, especially over a long duration, means dry, splotchy grass due to limited rainfall. If you live in the more arid parts of the country, you’re probably familiar with seeing brown patches of grass on your lawn. Everything Turf Pros is well-versed with drought and how it can affect grass in Nevada. Our business understands that …

With the worsening drought in the Southwest, and more specifically Southern Nevada, It is important to understand how to best utilize and conserve water in the desert. Local and regional water authorities can provide resources, such as the Southern Nevada Water Authority, commonly known as the SNWA. …

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Do you want to host an outdoor lawn party, but worried about the rather dismal presentation of your lawn? With quality turf installation, Everything Turf Pros can create an ideal oasis so your family and friends will have …

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Artificial turf is an excellent investment for your yard. Turf looks great and is low maintenance compared to an unpredictable natural grass lawn. Inevitably, accidents will happen as you use your turf. That’s life! Artificial turf is …

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Deciding how to landscape once you have chosen to lay artificial turf on your yard can be difficult. The Southern Nevada Water Authority, which serves Las Vegas (where Everything Turf Pros is located!), provides example designs for property owners who need an … 

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