Summer Turf Installation

Everything Turf Pros Takes on the Summer Holidays with Quality Turf Installation

Can turf handle BBQs, pool parties, and rowdy kids?

Do you have a large crowd of friends and family to host but fear having them over because your yard’s not presentable yet? Does your yard need quality outdoor flooring? If you find yourself answering “yes”, then you’ve come to the right place. Everything Turf Pros’ expert services offer quality turf installation to impress guests at your holiday party. Get started with Everything Turf Pros, and host the summer holidays in your yard!

If you’re still uncertain about entertaining guests on your lawn, here’s an overview of why turf is ideal for holiday parties and the best option for landscaping with outdoor events in mind.

Everything Turf Pros Installs Turf That Doesn’t Get Too Hot


Summer holidays like the 4th of July and Labor Day tend to fall on some of the year’s longest and most sweltering days. Scorching hot outdoor flooring can ruin your summer fun. The culprit for this phenomenon is the absorption of infrared lights that makes most landscaping, like asphalt, red-hot to the touch and unbearable to step on in the heat.

If you have quality turf, you’ll have a better, cooler foothold. Everything Turf Pros installs Turf Envy Turf, which is the best option for temperature-controlled turf. The key cooling factor in Turf Envy turf is the T°Cool® infill. T°Cool® is an eco-friendly infill designed to cool down the artificial grass stalks by up to 50 degrees, keeping them safe and walkable. This feature effectively decreases the heat build-up that is unavoidable with many other outdoor landscaping choices.

It’s Anti-Flood, so Make a Splash

Nothing beats Western heat like an iced drink or a nice dip in the pool. If you’re planning on hosting pool parties and wondering how turf will interact with pool water, Everything Turf Pros guarantees that with expert installation, turf can be anti-flood. The feature responsible for drainage is the turf backing. Artificial grass is stitched on a turf backing. Depending on how the platform is installed, turf can be ‘breathable’, meaning it can drain water, or it can be ‘impermeable’, meaning nothing can get through it. Understanding the different methods of installing turf backings can help you choose the most suitable one for your recreational space.

With professional care from Everything Turf Pros, quality turf is installed with hole-punch turf backing to drain water effectively. Everything Turf Pros offer the best professional, pool-friendly choice; the ‘breathable’ perforated polyurethane backing. The perforated polyurethane backing is designed to sufficiently drain water from your turf and withstand any mess pool parties generate because of the perforations hole-punched during installation. The perforations are spaced 4-6 inches apart, which enables 50 to 500 inches of water to be drained per hour. For reference, 6 gallons of water make up a single inch of rainfall. The turf can handle water; don’t hesitate to let soaking wet guests walk on it.

Proper Turf Care for BBQing

BBQ Turf

For most people, outdoor holiday parties are not complete without a barbecue. However, Everything Turf Pros advise that grills should be kept off the turf, as coal embers and burning wood can damage the turf grass. Artificial grass is not flammable, but it can burn and melt. Instead, opt for more fire-safe options. It is recommended to place grills on and around fire-proof surfaces like asphalt or concrete. Everything Turf Pros can help you find the turf installation plan that best suits your needs to ensure your outdoor recreational spaces have the best of both worlds with an aesthetic value.
If turf is all you got, don’t fret! Placing a large fire-proof mat underneath your grill can provide the protection your turf will need. Make sure to purchase a mat wide enough to extend broadly around the floor of your grill. It is also essential to keep in mind that it is best to avoid cooking with wood. Instead, opt to cook with fuel agents that deposit debris easier to contain, such as gas or charcoal. Grill mats are available online or at most home improvement stores. Here’s a great one from Walmart.

Turf Fire Safety

Outdoor Sports are a Must

Sports on Turf

No outdoor event is complete without some friendly competition. Everything Turf Pros takes into account and understands concerns about disturbing turf with roughhousing from activities like a head-butting football game to a hard-on-the-grass soccer game. With the proper professional installation, quality turf is durable and resilient. Everything Turf Pros install turf with underlying thatches that buffer any impacts on the platform. That’s not all; Everything Turf Pros fixes turf with industrial-grade nano aluminum oxide adhesive to keep the flooring intact and virtually tear-proof. Rough sporting without defacing your turf is possible because Everything Turf Pros’ installation methods are devised to keep turf durable. Your turf grass won’t go sailing from an ill-aimed punt.

It’s Safe for Everyone

Turf Safety

Pets and children are obligatory additions to any holiday party, as accident-prone as they might be. Everything Turf Pros understand that worrying about little trouble-makers can take the fun and ease away from a relaxing summer holiday. Quality turf provides an animal-safe and kid-friendly platform to play around. With expert care from Everything Turf Pros and quality turf from Turf Envy, turf won’t tear from playing around, nor should it be hot enough to burn bare hands, feet, and paws. The grass is fixed to the turf platform; kids and pets won’t be able to run around chewing on or breaking off the artificial grass.

This is Your Sign to Get Turf!

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Turf is designed for outdoor recreation and is the choice for many parks, sports fields, and animal-friendly areas. It is resilient, and with the perfect installation provided by the Everything Turf Pros team, turf can be one of the best decisions you make for outdoor landscaping. 

Everything Turf Pros will help you build a suitable space for a holiday party; don’t worry about the rest. Choosing to install turf with Everything Turf Pros guarantees confidence in entertaining guests. Hosting the summer holidays is one of the most rewarding ways of utilizing your artificial grass lawn. You might even impress guests and get many compliments about your clever outdoor landscaping choice.

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