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Here at Everything Turf Pros, we don’t just provide a low-maintenance alternative to traditional landscape options—we’re in the business of delivering beauty. It’s not just turf to us. We believe in making dreams come true, because we know that there’s nothing like the magic of stepping out into a space that makes you feel like royalty. That’s why we partner with only the best vendors, like revolutionary T°Cool infill, so that your turf is as practical and durable as it is beautiful and enchanting. From importing to installing, we’re committed to delivering the best, high quality results. We guarantee that it is safe for kids and pets, as there are no dangerous chemicals in the turf products that we use.
"Awesome! We converted our front yard to turf from many established plants of all kinds and lawn. Everything Turf Pros were efficient, professional, and competent in what they do. Our yard was finished in 1 day! We received compliments from neighbors within 1 hour of the completion. Keith was a pleasure to deal with as well as the crew!"
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Southern Nevada Water Authority Certified

We want your commercial and personal spaces to look amazing while saving money and water at the same time. Certified by the Southern Nevada Water Authority, we are committed to bringing you the turf of your dreams.

Contracting #: NV C10 #0088372

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We Offer Exclusive Turf Cooling Technology

As the exclusive provider for T’Cool cooling infill sand in Las Vegas, Everything Turf Pros is dedicated to keeping your turf 30-50 degrees cooler in the increasingly hotter temperatures. We also know where and how our turf is created, so we have 100% guarantee that there are no dangerous chemicals or pesticides in our artificial grass. Our turf is entirely safe. You can trust Everything Turf Pros to show you how this technology works.

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Yes, artificial turf is absolutely safe for your kids. Our turf is resistant to pests and infestations. It also prevents ticks and mosquitoes from laying their eggs. Not only that, but when paired with T-cool infill, our turf is resistant to bacterial growth. Not to mention that you will have an easier time washing kid’s clothes without any of the grass stains!
Artificial turf is not only safe for kids, but it is safe for your pets as well. Our turf is resistant to pests, infections, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes that would bother your furry friends. Our turf is also resistant to pet waste when paired with T-cool infill.
No, artificial turf does not have to be regularly watered, which is why it is so important to have it installed in states that face droughts. Although the turf may be watered when initially installed, you do not have to water your artificial turf on a regular basis. It stays green all year long without using water.
At Everything Turf Pros, we operate via contract, and would need to inspect your property before listing a price.
Yes, artificial turf is great for the environment. Not only does artificial turf help to save on water and remove the need for pesticides, it also eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels on lawnmowers. Artificial turf also helps to prevent the degradation of topsoil. Another environmental benefit to artificial turf is that much of it is made from recycled materials.
Yes, fortunately T-cool has an antimicrobial chemical in it to prevent nasty odors found from pet urine. With T-cool, your artificial turf can absorb the urine left behind by pets and eliminate it through evaporation. While T-cool may not be able to deal with solid waste, it sanitizes the environment which would be required for continual bacterial growth.
T-Cool is non-toxic, family and pet friendly. It also poses no negative environmental effects. Additionally, T-Cool can be applied with a back shield to create an invisible barrier that inhibits mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria growth keeping your turf cool, safe and odor-free.
Artificial turf that is properly installed and maintained will last from 20 to 25 years.
Yes, in order to keep your artificial turf properly maintained, there are a few things that need to be done. Your artificial turf would need to be brushed regularly, in order to make sure that the blades are continually upright. Leaves should be removed with a leafblower whenever possible. If ice is ever present on your turf, it is fine to let it melt naturally. Lastly, make sure to keep any flammable materials away from the turf.
The turf we use comes with a 15 year limited warranty. The option to upgrade for lifetime warranty is available. Our workmanship is covered by a 3 year turf install and 1 year paver install warranty. All live material is backed by a 30 day warranty*. Irrigation services are backed by a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.
We have the ability to create a drawing of your project as necessary for HOA approval. While we don’t submit for HOA approval on your behalf, we are familiar with the local HOA regulations and can help you with design ideas and requirements to help the process the first time. Our design consultants can assist in bringing your ideas to life!